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How It Works

Tinotes is an open platform to store and organize your ideas, memories and plans. Use components you know from other apps — notes, lists, multimedia, editors etc… Combine them freely and compose a unique desktop to match your current requirements. Use templates, colors and images to match your personality and style. See the video and examples below.


Free Style

Combine templates and components to create your personalized content.


Style your content in so many different ways you won't believe it's still the same application. Examples

Social Features

Feel free to share and publish. Invite your friends to comment and like your items.

Web Publisher

Turn selected part of your content into a web page by a single click.

Cloud Storage

Don't care about saving. Everything is saved and synchronized among your devices automatically.

Unlimited Undo

If you don't like your action, undo it. You can go back in time days or years, and recover overwritten and removed content.


Built-in development tools to create custom formats, objects etc. Share them instantly with your friends.

Lighting Fast

Regardless how many items you've created, we keep everything unbelievably fast.

Is Tinotes free? + -

Yes, and it will be. Currently there is only the free plan available. Later, we will add an optional paid plan with extra features and professional support for those who want to use Tinotes more seriously.

Tinotes is not finished product yet. Currently it's available for public testing. Please be aware some announced features may not be available in some builds. The project is beeing under heavy construction, we keep adding new features frequently.

Tinotes is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. You can also force mobile view on desktop and vice versa. Mobile applications for iOS and Android will be available soon.


Sample screenshots of Tinotes desktops.

List organizer
Small shop agenda
Shop agenda (styled)
Trip report
To do list
Lesson slideshow
Simple notes